A Reflection of The Life Changing Experience in My Life

Great experiences are passed down through life. These experiences can be more than just memories. Sometimes they become teachings. These experiences can help us gain wisdom. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see Justice, my favorite artist, with my brother and his family. This was what opened my eyes to the reality of life and helped me see it clearly.

It was finally here. At 2PM, my brother picked me up and we drove up to Highlands Ranch to meet my brother’s friends. Then we returned to Denver. As soon as we pull into Red Rocks Amphitheater’s parking lot, I feel the excitement in my stomach. As we enter the stadium, we see smoke clouds hovering above the sunset. Is this all just a big dream? Or is this the most amazing thing I have ever seen? “The opening headliner steps out on the stage and shouts to the crowd “Are You Ready to Rage?” This phrase sends chills down to my knees. My body melts into the dance floor as the bass of his set vibrated off the red-colored Red Rocks. Every single bass beat knocks me back, it’s like an uphill battle with my music. The fastest hour and thirty minutes in my life soon vanishes into the night sky.

The monolithic cross of light is then taken out from the shadows and placed in a glowing sign from heaven. Justice explodes out from the backstage and opens with one of their most famous songs. The dance party is in full swing now, and the atmosphere is filled with laughter and smiles. Never in my entire life have I imagined something so amazing. We just accept each other’s presence, even when we fall on each other. Even though the concert is over, there’s something we feel we all miss. While we were dancing and singing our hearts out, it became apparent that Soup had passed away.

Multiple times we called his phone, but no one answered. He and his friends start to worry about their return. But my brother shows kindness by paying for their taxi back to Denver. Soup is saved by the rest of us. We’re driving along back roads for over an hour at half past midnight. No luck. We all jump up and down when we see someone walking down the sides of Red Rocks. We found Soup. We were all glad to have Soup back, even though he was injured. We don’t know the exact circumstances of how Soup lost his way, but we have the memories of one of our most memorable nights.

It is amazing how one night can change your entire life. It is also a reminder to us to spread the kindness that others have shown us. We are all humans together, regardless of the color or hairstyles we have. All of us have a heart, and we all have brains. These are the two most important things in life. Don’t allow others to contaminate your heart with negativity. Be positive forever.

Phil Jackson, a former American professional basketball star, says that winning is important but what really brings me joy is being fully engaged in the work I do. In my first summer vacation, I was a waitress in a restaurant. It was one of the most frightening things that ever happened to me. But it will always be etched in my memory. This can be explained by a few things: how the experience was, how it developed, and how it impacted my life.

Your first day at work may be the most important and stressful day in your career. As the youngest employee at the restaurant, I felt like an outsider as everyone knew me for a while. It was difficult to learn everything as I had to memorize all the details and the menu. The manager was always mad at us and would shout her orders, but the clean environment and sweet customers kept me sane.

After quite some time, I was named employee of the month for the third consecutive month. My job was something I loved and my coworkers were my best friends. The boss fired the manager because of her bad attitude. I was hired to replace him and couldn’t be happier. I wanted to make everyone’s experience better. I was also a magnet for customers who would stop by my desk to see me smile. This job taught me that money is not everything.

I learned to edit my writing and to be patient over the course of my employment. Even though some clients were not the most pleasant, I had no choice but to put up or shut down. I tried a different approach, and gave my best effort, looking at the bigger picture. I discovered the true meaning and value of teamwork, and I also learned that sometimes putting a smile on someone’s face can be the best thing that could happen to their day.

I have never thought of it as a life-changing experience to be left out or scared by the looks of others.