Abortion Essay Example

I am against because, I think abortion is the wrong thing to do. It is considered murder in my opinion and this should result in some kind of penalty or something should happen.

Abortion should’ve never been introduced in this world. I think that it is another way of killing someone. At that stage of killing a newborn child, is not giving the baby a chance to live their life and to live in this world. The baby doesn’t even get a chance to open its eyes and to live long enough to know and understand the meaning of life. I think abortion I really uncalled for. In my opinion the definition of abortion is murder and death for no reason. An is what is basically happening in this world today. As I speak there are young women and men making this decision to have an abortion.

Abortion shouldn’t be occur because, you never know what kind of potential your son or daughter might have. Anyone’s baby could be the next Michael Jordan, Whitney Houston, or any other athletes or famous stars. An most of the time when a baby is born they are born with some kind of talent. An some people have the potential to do something real good with their lives. So people shouldn’t throw talent, human being, and some gifted babies in the trash.

I think that if any girl or boy can’t handle raising a child, then the best thing for them to do is to not have sex at all or wait intil they are married. Then the next best thing to do is to talk to Someone that you feel comfortable with about the situation. An I think the last thing to do is to give the baby up for adoption. An that would still be making a good decision because the baby is still going to have a better life then it would with the real parants or parent. An sometimes that is the best thing to do, because some mothers in this world don’t have enough money to support They’re own selves. So there are times when adoption works a lot better then just keeping the baby. The worst thing to do is to kill the poor, innocent, baby, who has no chance to live.

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