Abortion pill

There have always been strong disagreements as to whether abortion should be legal or not. A new medical breakthrough, the abortion pill, will only make these arguments stronger. Whether you are a pro-choice person or a pro-life person, there are still benefits to this recent discovery.

The hardest part of a woman having an abortion is going to the clinic. First, it is very embarrassing to have to deal with doctors on such a personal topic. A woman has to answer a series of questions, which may seem touchy in an already touchy situation. There is also the difficult part of the actual abortion surgery and the pain that has to be dealt with afterwards. However, in actuality, the hardest part for most women is having to walk into the abortion clinic. There are so many people who believe so strongly in the abortion issue that on most any given day at an abortion clinic there are protesters and hecklers to greet a woman who is there to have an abortion. The new abortion pill prevents a woman from having to deal with such things and thus makes a difficult experience a bit more soothing. All a woman has to do is take a series of two to three pills in a certain sequence and a miscarriage is induced.

On the other side of the coin, many people would argue that perhaps this new miracle drug is too easy to use. Some people say that if it is this easy to abort a baby, what is to keep people from totally abusing this drug? Certain people may just use this drug as their form of birth control or as their safety net. In other words, if abortion is to be easier, it will be more widely used and people who normally would not get an abortion due to having to deal with all of the uncomfortable ness discussed before now would not even give it much thought. Perhaps there will be regulations on how many times a person can use the new drug, but there are always ways people can find in order to get around the system.

So the question is, how do the woman feel about this topic? Well, I asked two female students here at school, since this is a small school I will leave their names out; surprisingly both students were against it; at first. One student said that abortion is wrong and I will never have one. The other one said, I cant say if I would or if I wouldnt. It would depend on the situation. The latter of the two students also said that if she had to and her doctor approved she might consider the pill, but believes that it is wrong to hand it out to anyone.

As the world becomes more technologically advanced and new discoveries are made the more social issues that we have to address. There is never one way to respect everyones rights and make everyone morally happy all at the same time.