An Overview of My Family History

This essay will be about my family’s history. In my family, it is almost a tradition for one to join the army or other areas that are related to that. My great-grandfather, my uncle, and my father were all involved in these areas.

Robert William Smith Jr., my great-grandfather, was born in Nebraska in 1927. He was a key contributor to the second world conflict. World War 2, also known as the Second World War, was a period of great destruction. At this time, the Holocaust was still going on. Hitler was at the helm and trying to eliminate an entire race, the Jews. My grandfather was not a soldier during this period, but he was an engineer for army. He kept his job until he became a private consultant in the field. My great grandmother Mary Elda Dryer was his bride on June 19, 1953.

Mary Elda Dryer was a Texas native, born in Dallas in 1930. She later moved to Houston with her husband to retire. Their faith was Protestant. A Protestant is a Christian who belonged to the Christian branch that split from the Cathlic church during the sixteenth century. They were happily married, had three children, Linda, Janette and Donald Smith. Janette was the middle child and Donald the oldest. Janette Smith, my grandmother was born in Houston in Texas in 1957. These children were raised with a military father, so the family was constantly moving. Because of this, the three siblings were close. The siblings grew up in Houston, but they later moved to New York, France and Holland before returning to Texas. Janette was a member of the Assembly of God. The Assembly of God is a congregation that belonged to a Pentecostal organization, which was founded in the U.S.A in 1914. Robby Brooks was her first love when she returned to Texas. Janette met Robby at a South Houston pub. Janette was playing pool with Robby when Janette decided she wanted to play too. They were married on August 9, 1979. They had three children. Guy Brooks, Toby Brooks, Christine

Christine Brooks was born at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, Houston on July 7, 1980. Growing up, she spent lots of time with her Great-Grandmother and Grandmother. Cristine was an intelligent and curious child. When Cristine turned four, her mother gave birth to a baby girl. Christine loved having someone to play with. Christine was very close to her sister. She loved playing Barbies with her sister and going to her grandmother’s home every Sunday and Wednesday. She was very happy when Guy, her baby brother, was born. She would always stand up for Guy. She also had a close relationship with her brother. She would read books to him every night. They were a Christian family. They celebrated Christmas with their families and praised God. Christine moved out of her home as a teenager. John Fourmy, my father, was her first love. He had three children with her. Sarah, Torin, me.

Sarah was born in late 1990’s. Growing up, she listened to Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. She lives in Austin with her boyfriend Colt, and Thomas her dog. Torin was born in Houston, Texas, six years after her birth. The Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster occurred in 2003. This occurred on February 1, 2003, when NASA’s STS107 mission took seven astronauts into space. They conducted sixteen days of scientific experiments. Everyone aboard the Colunbia died when it reentered the atmosphere. NASA’s space program was temporarily suspended for two years to investigate the incident.

Just like my siblings, I was born at Texas Woman’s Hospital Houston on June 8, 2005. 2005 Hurricane Katrina was raging. Hurricane Katrina, a category 5 hurricane, struck Florida and Louisiana on August 5, 2005. It caused severe damage in New Orleans. Torin and me are both growing up in an era of technological advancement. My siblings and I are close, but my Torin is closer than Sarah.