Artist Statement

Photography is an expression of the world we live in, and of what we see and experience. The purpose of my photographs is to provide, if somewhat indirect, glimpse into that clear and brilliant world of reality and the not so real. To the extent that these photographs help show that way, is the extent to which these images succeed.

As an artist, I want to capture these visual messages and interpret them in a way that the viewer will be fooled in not knowing what is real and what is not. In the past year, my work has developed from simple self-portraiture to a more advanced level of meaning. I realized by photographing myself that I was trying to achieve acceptance from people. I wanted people to approve of the way I looked. Also, I realized that all of this started when I was nine years old when I moved here from another country. All my life I always had the need to feel accepted socially and physically. I believe good art stimulates the imagination, and I hope my work does that. Much of it derives from subconscious influences in my immediate environment. To me, art is a way of both entertaining myself and expressing my imagination. It provides me with relief from the surrounding environment and is a reflection of the world we live in.