Business Etiquette Essay Example

Business etiquette is crucial in building quality, careers, business, and leadership by enhancing skills necessary for a remarkable service. An individual without business etiquette limits their potential, risks relationship, personal and business image that are vital for success. Even though the society neglects the significance of appearance, it influences one’s perception of an individual. Moreover, professionals need to understand and practice polite and ethical interruptions to avoid being branded rude. Finally, knowing key elements on introductions and greetings can help professionals competently introduce people.

However, it is critical to know that gender has no role but hierarchy and power matter in business etiquette.Is it Ethical to Buy Followers?I believe buying followers is unethical because it violates the major social media network policies. Also, equating popularity with worth is unethical. However, in this case, the buying of twitter followers was not against the law. I would not engage in such an act since having fake followers will never reflect the actual impact or value of social media initiatives. In essence, when no real people engage in the posts its value is not measurable.

I think a trusted advisor, family, friends, an employer, or co-workers would disapprove such activities because they expect credibility and genuine reputation that is not based on fake followers.LinkedIn connectionsI think sending out cold LinkedIn request will ultimately backfire as opposed to making a meaningful connection. Similarly, it hinders personal experience since it is largely considered naive and unprofessional. It is important to optimize personal profile after creating to stand out then instigate connection by drawing on the already existing clients on the email contact list. On the other hand, headshots are important since they convey credibility, personal appeal, and branding. However, wrong headshots can limit chances of setting up meaningful connections or job engagements. Moreover, the best strategy to use in the LinkedIn introductory email is tailoring and customizing original mail as opposed to using automated templates.