Character Analysis of Dallas Winston in The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

Because of his strength, bravery and relationship with his friend, Dallas Winston is The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton’s most compelling character. Dallas Winston is the most tough of the many tough guys in The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. He has repressed violence, committed murder in the middle of night, busted pop bottles and burned churches. Dallas Winston (nicknamed Dally) is portrayed as tough, strong and violent. However, despite these traits, he cares deeply about his friends and would do anything to help them. Hinton introduces him first as a “Don’t mess with me” type of guy. But as the story progresses, he becomes more empathic, even though he shows it only to a few.

Dallas Winston is the strongest Greaser and the most tough. However, he had a difficult past that made him who he is today. Dally is not hated, but feared and filled with hatred for those who have wronged him. Ponyboy, the protagonist of the story, says that Dally’s eyes are blue and blazing with ice. He is unique physically. His personality and looks are both described using animal metaphors. Dally had a rough and unpredictable face. Dally isn’t someone you want to mess around with. Dally is independent and street-smart, and can manage himself. His actions reflect his difficult past. Ponyboy has grown weary of Dallas as the story begins. Ponyboy is conscious that he “hated doing things the legal” way. He is anxious about this. Although I didn’t like him, he was intelligent and you had to be respectful of him.

His past was not perfect and he has a long record. Dally had spent three years in New York’s wild side and was arrested when he was ten. He was tougher than us all – tougher and colder than we are. One would be uncomfortable being in the same room with him for too long. Since he was a kid, his past and difficult life has not been much better. His relationship with his friends is one thing that has made a difference in his life. He is loyal to his friends and has a soft spot in his heart for them. His daily behavior is quite different and he has a few unique facts about him. Hinton attempted to show that there are people out there who look different than what they appear to be and how they present themselves to the world through Dallas.

Dally was more than just cruel, rude, and violent. He was also very brave. Dally would do anything to help his friend, and he has proved it. Ponyboy, Johnny and all the children trapped inside the church were saved by Ponyboy when it burned. However, they were stuck inside the church as it was about to collapse. Dally stood there and screamed at me, “For Pete’s sake, get outa here!” Dally was standing there, and when he saw me, he screamed, “For Pete’s sake, get outa there!” Despite knowing that the roof was about to fall, Dally put his life at stake and saved his friends. One of the nurses later described the events as: “First you and that black-haired child climbing in that window, then the tough-looking boy going back in to rescue him. Mrs. O’Briant, I believe you were sent straight from heaven. Are you professional heroes or what? Dally acts as if he doesn’t care about others, but this incident showed that even the most lonely and hostile people can do the kindest acts. Hinton exposes another side to Dally. It shows that anyone can do significant acts. Hidden sides of people could be quite different from what they present to the world.

Dally is not as tough as he appears on the outside. But he relies more on his friends inside. Dally once said that “my old man don’t care whether I’m in jail, dead in a car accident or drunk in the gutter”. His only support was his friends. Johnny was Dally’s closest friend. Dally loved Johnny like a brother, and probably the only person he loved. Dally didn’t take Johnny’s injuries well when he died. He whirled suddenly and crashed against the wall. His face became red and he slammed against the wall. Ponyboy was shocked to hear the news. He then said, “I wonder.” Dally is more tough than me. Dally is stronger than I am. Then I realized. Johnny was all Dally loved. Dally was devastated, and believed he no longer had a reason to live. Dally robbed a shop and was purposely shot by police. He made them believe he was going after someone, but he wasn’t. His suffering was ended by violence. This is the only thing that he believed. He was the person he wanted everyone to see. His character was revealed over time. This proves that you cannot know someone until they either show you who they are or what you want to see of them.

Dallas Winston is much more capable of good feelings and strong actions. Although he was known for being cold-hearted throughout his life, he shocked everyone when he saved Ponyboy from the burning church. Dally shows a more gentle side after Johnny’s death. He is frustrated and grieving and robs a grocery shop. He raises a gun to get shot by the police when he is caught. He kills himself by a cop. Dally’s character is a great example of one of the main themes of the book. You can’t judge people based on their appearance. Dally is tough and mean and it’s true. He is also a kind and generous person underneath his rough exterior.