compiling statistical information and maintenance of records of wages and salary surveys or correspondence Essay Example

compiling statistical information and maintenance of records of wages and salary surveys or correspondence, all of which supports the employee. These contracts can be new and/or revised based on the agreement held by the existing contract. In addition, a strong understanding of employment law is a must for the person that holds this position. Particularly, two of the most important laws are the National Labor Resolutions Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. And at the very least, a Bachelor’s degree is necessary for this particular field and others involving labor relation, such as labor and employment relations and/or human resources. In order to advance in some corporations, such as Labor Relations Manager and or Director, professionals or those seeking employment of this magnitude will need to continue furthering his or her education to obtain a Master’s degree. Furthermore, most employers like to see at least three to five years of experience in the Human Resources field working with employees in a number of capacities before considering and hiring candidates for labor relations. As I was checking to see if my background in the work field qualifies me for a position in labor relations I found that some of the key skills needed in order to excel in the field include, good communication; which I believe I have, strong interpersonal; another qualification which I believe I have, and successful decision-making and problem-solving skills; which I believe I have as well. In addition, it’s important to be computer literate and to be able to use a spreadsheet, such as Excel and Access, amongst other computer software, which will be based on the software used by the organization offering the position. Not that I seek employment in this field, it was intriguing to see how my skills thus far align with the basic qualifications of a labor relations worker. As the world continues to evolve the work environment for a Labor Relations Specialists changes as well. Since union memberships are steadily decreasing in most industries outside of the public subdivision, labor relations specialists are now working more than ever before with employees