Dreem Career: My Aspiration to Be a Doctor

My mother has been encouraging and motivating me since I was young to become a doctor. This was her dream. This dream became not only the dream of my mother, but also mine. Since then, medicine is my sole passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

All things related to medicine interest me. My deep curiosity about the human body drives my fascination with it. I am fascinated by the way doctors treat patients and understand illnesses and their causes. It is a privilege to be a part of such a remarkable medical society.

It is a privilege to be a doctor. I am a doctor because it is a well-respected profession. This career allows me to directly help people and see their smiles. My skills will be highly sought after on the job market. My career will also be more stable, safer, and socially valued.

A person can only do so much when they are studying medicine. I believe I have the skills and abilities to be a successful student and future doctor. My high school education was academically successful. I received the highest grade in my school. My grades in Biology and Chemistry are the most important subjects of medicine. Every doctor must have communication and leadership skills. In the last year, I was the representative for my class and the project leader. Because I am an excellent listener, my friends like to talk to me about their problems. I give them suggestions to help them improve their lives and overcome their problems. Additionally, I am empathetic and passionate about helping others. Many awareness campaigns were organized, including one that educated elderly people about how to avoid diabetes. This included raising awareness about the dangers of traditional medicines. I’m flexible and can adjust to any changes in my life. When I have the time, I enjoy playing football. I exercise regularly and go to the gym. I’m conscious of how to keep my body fit and healthy. It is important to me that I spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy watching movies and series. My Favorite genre is horror. I was able to get 7 IELTS points after completing a seven-month English course at Cambridge. Because of its top-ranked medicine program, the United Kingdom was my choice. It’s also rich in culture and is open to all religions and nationalities. International students are also welcome to study at the university.

I hope to be able to graduate from university with top grades in the future. I want to be a respected doctor after graduation. A goal of mine is to open my own clinic.