Each stance of an individual’s position on abortion is based on upon one’s beliefs Essay Example

Each stance of an individual’s position on abortion is based on upon one’s beliefs, associations, and principle. Being one of many controversial topics, it is recommended for people to peacefully share and accept beliefs, though the depth of abortion is extreamly impactful causing great controversy. The purpose of the law is to govern standards, maintain peace and order, and resolve conflicts and controversy, while protecting citizens rights and freedoms. On the topic of abortion, domestic and foreign legalities are in reality what causes much of the heat. Laws either approve or disapprove forming a fierce barrier between people. No matter the laws of a nation on abortion, there will always be an enraged and potentially violent group. Everyone has different beliefs, however my personal belief is that abortion is to be considered a crime, and therefor be illegal. On the same note, I would like to evidently state I am all for women’s rights, and equal rights for everyone. Women are no less than anyone else. Some women come across difficulties in pregnancy which I can’t even imagine how difficult pregnancy may be. In no way do I undermine female strength or underestimate troubles felt. I simply believe the baby inside the women has the same rights as the mother and I am extremely disturbed of the abortion process. Going out on the street and murdering an innocent person is illegal with heavy consequences. A baby is a gift from God, at the stage everyone was once at, truly innocent, filled with promise and joy. There is no just reason in my opinion where it should be legal, or even acceptable to kill anyone. It is commonly understood there are different hills people climb upon in their journeys, with many troubling or accidental encounters, though any natural encounter is what is meant to be. In a situation where one is unfit, or incapable of a baby with one growing inside of them, there are various paths to better the situation and even allow life for the fetus. A stupid excuse for killing your baby just because the parents are not ready for it is unacceptable and should be punishable.