Having Dreams and Achieving Goals

Your future can be determined by your childhood goals and dreams. Many children have dreams in childhood that are not possible, such as being a Rockstar or playing for the MLB. However, they also have realistic dreams. Children dream of riding on the highest roller coaster, swimming alongside dolphins, and becoming a doctor. My experience has shown me that childhood dreams can be a catalyst for life goals. All that is needed to get started are perseverance, persistence and a strong work ethic. Although achieving goals can be difficult and requires patience, it is worth setting and achieving them. They will help you to have a bright future and give you structure. My life has been full of dreams, and I have fulfilled many of my goals. My biggest dream as a child was to be a singer.

Since I was five years old, my dream was to go to Redlands University, Mom’s Alma Marter. My most important goal in life is to make a difference in the world. My life will be full of joy and value if I can fulfill my life’s dreams. The future is built on childhood dreams. Dreams can be both unrealistic and achievable as a child. Many children dream of becoming rockstars while others want to be chefs. However, I discovered that they do not only require being someone, but also doing something. For instance, climbing Mt. Everest, or even traveling to England. Pausch shares his childhood dream of playing in the NFL. Although he didn’t make it, he learned many valuable lessons. Dreams that come from childhood are important because they can be used to teach lessons for life. Pausch learned many lessons throughout The Last Lecture. But, two of them that stood out to me were dealing with criticisms and building self-esteem. Pausch says that when you see yourself doing wrong and no one is bothering to tell, it’s a bad place. Although you may not wish to hear it but critics often tell you that they love and care about your progress and are there to help you. (Pausch 37). People will face criticism many times along the way to achieving their dreams. Having high self-esteem can help overcome this criticism. A high self-esteem is crucial for achieving dreams. It gives you the motivation to continue pursuing your dreams until they are achieved. Pausch discusses self-esteem in the chapter “I Never Made It to The NFL” and how it can be a motivating factor in achieving your dreams.

Although dreams are not always easy to achieve, especially for those involved in outreach, it is possible to realize them if you are motivated and willing to put in the effort. Pausch states, “You give them something that they don’t want to do, and they work hard until it becomes possible for them to do it. Then, you just keep going.” (Pausch 37). Setting goals for the future is important, and childhood dreams can help you get there. Setting goals is a great way to live a fulfilled life. You can have a positive impact on your life by setting goals. One of the most important ways that goals can help is in what one achieves (Latham, 126).

Life goals are a way to set a course for your life. They have many benefits, including helping you stay focused, motivate and measure your progress. They are the key to helping us get ahead in our daily lives. They are both the first steps in each stage of our lives and the final steps. It is important to recognize the importance of goal setting in your life. Robert Emmons, in Flourishing, The Positive Person and The Good Life states that goals are an essential component of a person’s perception of their life as meaningful. They also contribute to how they perceive their lives as worthwhile or meaningful (Emmons 107). Many experts agree that setting life goals is important to ensure a fulfilled and meaningful life. Most people’s primary goal in life, according to many experts, is to be happy. Many experts agreed that life goals are important and recommended that you choose the right goals. They also suggested that it is better for your goals to be sustainable over time. Latham states in The Motivational Benefits and Goal-Setting that “Goal-setting theory also suggests that people who have specific goals (often called “stretch”) perform better than those who have vague goals like “do your very best” or “do your absolute best.” (Latham, 126). My life journey has been greatly affected by having life goals. They continue to guide me on a better path. In line with this, my most important childhood dream is to become a famous singer. My earliest memories of childhood were those of being in a choir as a child. Singing has brought me joy and I’ve always loved singing.

One problem is that my dream of becoming a singer is unlikely to come true. The statistics on me achieving this goal are extremely low. Stapp stated in Myths and Realities of Professional Singinging that “professional singing can offer great rewards but ample remuneration rarely is one of them…. singing is a strenuous job that requires immense sacrifices along the way.” (Stapp 2). There are many things I need to be aware of when trying to become a singer. There are many negative aspects to consider when pursuing my dream of becoming a famous singer. Although these seem daunting, they have not discouraged my efforts. Although I haven’t yet achieved my dream, I am determined to do so. One of the reasons I haven’t worked harder to reach my dream is because I’m older and get nervous when singing in front of an audience. This is only a hurdle on my path to achieving my dream. I will continue my singing lessons and begin recording my music. Although I realize that this is a dream out of leftfield, I will keep trying to become a singer. I have no idea what I can do if it fails, but I am determined. Elbert Hubbard once said that “There is no failure except when you stop trying.” It has also been a dream of mine to attend the University of Redlands.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to go to the University of Redlands. As the daughter of a Bulldog-era Bulldog, I was privileged to have been a part of many school functions and events growing up. We have been to the 4th of July fireworks display every year, and I always imagined how amazing it would be to go to Redlands. My poor grades in high school meant that my dream of attending University of Redlands was a distant dream. But, I found hope when I returned to college and am now an honors student. Because I couldn’t imagine continuing my education at any other school, I knew that I would apply to the University of Redlands. I’ve always longed to attend a school that would help me achieve excellence and be successful. The University of Redlands is that school. This dream has come true, and it is amazing. I was awarded an academic excellence scholarship by Redlands College on June 1. I will be starting in September. This dream has allowed me to realize that I am capable of achieving my goals if I work hard and put my mind to them. The most important goal I have, aside from being happy, is to make society a better place. To achieve this goal, I think the best way is to be President of the United States. This goal will be extremely difficult for me to achieve. People think I am dreaming of being President one day, or that I am overreaching when I say so. But they don’t understand my motivations. To make America equal for all citizens and to give voice to those who have been silenced, I would like to be President. This is my ambitious goal. However, I’ve learned that it is possible to set smaller, more achievable goals in order for me to achieve my vast goal. To help me reach my goal of being President, I set some small goals to guide my progress.

My first goal is to earn my Bachelor of Science degree in pre-law. Next, I want to go to a top law school in order to become a defense lawyer. After becoming a defense lawyer, I plan to spend my time volunteering for the Innocence Project to assist wrongly convicted felons in their release from prison. To gain a deeper understanding of politics, I would like to become a senator of California and go into politics. Experts in the importance of setting goals recommend that goals be specific, challenging, meaningful, measurable, and specific. Turkay, in Setting Goals: Why, What, and How?, discussed the importance of these factors in setting goals. He concluded his passage by saying, “As people go through the cycle goal setting, regulation, and attaining, they’ll become proficient in evaluating their abilities to engage in these tasks, and will develop their selfregulatory capabilities, which is one key skill for the 21st century individual” (Turkay 9, Turkay 9). While I still have not achieved these goals, as I am currently completing my Bachelors degree, I have taken the first step towards my goal. Although I am aware that I have set lofty goals for myself, the only thing that can stop me from achieving them is me. I will persevere through any obstacles. It is surprising how life goals and childhood dreams can have a profound impact on someone’s life. It’s not about whether you have life goals or childhood dreams. It is what you do with them. Your childhood dreams can serve as a guidepost to your path to success. To achieve your goals and reach your dreams, you need perseverance, persistence and a strong work ethic. My life has been filled with trying to achieve all of my goals and dreams. Although I may not have achieved everything, I won’t stop trying until I do. My Mom used to say, “Anything worth having, is worth working for.” I want to be able to use all the lessons that I have learned along the way to reaching all my goals.

It is important to be able to track one’s progress in order for one to reach his/her dreams. This is what works for me. My ambition has always been my watchword. I am passionate about my passions. Self motivation has made me a progressive person in my life.

I can vividly recall my youth and how I felt about the world. I had many questions about who I was, what I meant to do in this world, and why I should succeed in life. As time passed, I found the answers to all these questions. To be successful in life, one must have goals and dreams. The true essence of life, I discovered, is to work passionately, love, and be loved.

When I was in high school, physics was difficult for me. However, I set myself a goal to become a top physics student and solved physics problems every day. I was able to achieve so much in Physics, but it wasn’t over. I went on to University of Ilorin, which is one of the top Federal Universities in Nigeria. I realized my dream of being a student in the entire School of Engineering, despite many challenges along the way. The road was difficult, with complex assignments, complex projects, and lack of conducive learning environments. But, I persevered and focused. Finally, I realized my dream and was one of the top graduating students. It was a great feeling to have achieved my goals. I also realized that success goes beyond academic achievement. I can use the knowledge I gained at the university to realize my main goal. My main goal is to become skilled and find a job in a multinational civil engineering firm.

After graduating amongst the top students in the department I created a preference scale that would allow me to acquire the best skills to help me achieve my goals. I learned so much and had fun with the software. Once I felt confident and convinced, I applied to many civil engineering companies.

After passing so many aptitude exam, I was called for interviews. However, I decided to apply for China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation. This is because it is a multinational company that has a railway project underway in my country. It also happens to be an exclusive project in the Nigerian construction industry. This gives me the opportunity to grow and learn, which is helping me get closer to my goal of becoming a chartered civil engineering engineer. I knew I had more to do. I began to question my dreams and asked myself questions such as: What if I became an overall manager? How would I manage staff and resources? What about when I start my own engineering company? How do I manage the people and resources? As an engineer, how do you manage your team? This is the essence of living… Dreaming big and being able achieve them makes you feel even better.

It is a great pleasure for me to apply to University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I want to continue my education in Engineering Management. If I am accepted, I will gain more knowledge and be more grounded in engineering management. I look forward to returning to this department to study Engineering Management in 2019,