How There Are Different Looking Animals In This Worldmyth

How There Are Different Looking Animals In This World(Myth) In the beginning before the great storm, lived a follower of god named Noah. The Earth had only one continent with many beautiful animals. Noah the watcher of these creatures received a message from god. One night, Noah prayed to God for an answer of why the animals seemed uneasy lately and how to solve it, god then let him in on the secret of the great storm to come. God then told Noah to take two of every animal and put him or her on a boat, so they can survive the storm.

Noah having faith in God did exactly what God asked of him to do and built the boat. He then took two of every animal and put him or her on this great boat called the Arc. Later that day like god said, the great storm swept the land for months. The entire earth at one moment seemed to be a great sea. Once the storm stopped the water level returned and Noah hit the first piece of land.

He then let the animals run free and wild in this new tropic environment. The animals immediately started to reproduce and had many babies. Soon the animal population got too massive for the small island and Noah found many animals not getting along with one another. So he then looked to God’s aid once again. God answered, and told him that, ” Now the storm is over, Noah you must return some of the animal’s to different parts of this world”.

Since the island he was in could not supply enough food and space for all these creatures. God said to follow a special bird of different colors and to drop different animals in other islands of the world. He did so and took six groups of each animal and pair by pair put them in different parts of the world. Some in Cold arctic areas while others in hot dessert areas. Noah prayed for their safe passage and wished them luck in their newfound home. God looked after each animal and saw to it that they were able to exist in their new environment.

After Noah traveled around the world to make sure each animal was doing well. Noah started to notice something strange about all the animals. One day the black bear had a rare baby that was white, this bear seemed to be able to adapt and camouflage better in the cold arctic. This bear was then called the polar bear. Camels who could not find water for days in the desert were now able to store water in their body unlike before, even their eyelids adapted to the harsh desert storms.

In other islands some crocodiles couldn’t survive in the fresh water of the Eastern Islands, they later adapted and were called alligators. Animals all over either developed different colors, shapes and sizes in order to adapt to their new environment. This made the world beautifully populated with life again and Noah’s job was complete. Religion Essays.