My Father – The Person Who Inspires Me

Every person has achieved something in their lives. Behind those achievements is someone who had an impact on the person’s life. For many reasons, my dad is my greatest influence. He supports me and all the decisions that I make. He also taught me the importance of hard work and inspired me to believe in myself.

My dad is always there for me when I have to make tough decisions. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I have someone to support me in whatever I do. This takes out much of the stress associated with making decisions. Right now, I’m at the stage in my life when I need to make a decision about whether or not I want to go to university, community college, or any school. My dad assured me that he would support me in any decision I make as long as it was good for me. It relieved me of a lot of the pressure I felt when choosing a college. It was not my intention to disappoint him and my mom. Knowing that I wouldn’t makes it easier.

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He is optimistic and always finds the good in any situation. He is always positive and will tell me the positive things about any decision I make. Hard work, dedication, energy, and support are the keys to success. My dad is a role model and a great support system. Because he worked hard all his life, my dad has inspired me to work hard. His family was the only one to choose not to go to college. He was often criticized by his grandparents for not supporting this decision. He was 19 and working two jobs to make ends work. He was able to start his own business and become an entrepreneur somewhere between then, and now. His dedication to himself and his future is admirable. He believed in himself and achieved his goals.

My dad has been an influence on my life and helped me succeed. My dad taught me that success requires self-confidence, support, and dedication to the goals you set out to achieve. He is my role model, father, and supporter. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.