My Fitness Program: Reflective Essay

Table of Contents

    1. Fitness Program
    2. Interpretation of my current fitness levels
These activities helped me reduce my stress levels
The Impact These Activities Had on My Emotional & Social Well-Being
The Achievement of Self-Set Goals at Program’s Beginning

Fitness Program

To improve my fitness and health, I will do my best to stick to my exercise routine and meal plan. Consistency in any plan is important as it allows you to not be too strict with yourself, and teaches how to do things in moderation.

I find it difficult to stick with any exercise or meal plan if I jump in too quickly. My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. I do this by eating better and exercising more often. To be able to adapt to the pace and maintain it, I must first develop the habit of a healthy lifestyle. This will be done by doing short exercises and occasional longer sessions.

I have many options with this plan, including the possibility of improving my mental health, well-being, and fitness. There is also the possibility that I might become bored or lazy with the exercise I do. Because I have difficulty sticking to a diet, it is difficult for me to follow a diet.

My main problem is that I have too many school lessons and extra murals to attend, which means I’m often too tired or not enough time to exercise. I want to exercise more because it will help me reduce stress and benefit my health. Meditating more often is something I want to do because it helps me focus and clear my mind.

Interpretation of my current fitness levels

I feel more energetic after exercising for 18 consecutive days. I’m proud of my fitness achievements. My resting heart rate at the beginning of my fitness program was 73 bpm. It has since dropped to around 70 bpm. Depending on how intense I worked out, my maximum heart rate varied. My recovery pulse rate returned to my resting heart rate slightly faster, which I noticed. Because my heart rate didn’t increase much when I did low-intensity exercises, I didn’t compare it to high-intensity ones.

These activities helped me reduce my stress levels

Anxiety is a very serious condition. Exercise helps me get rid of my frustrations, and relieves all the stress. I’m a busy person who has a lot of things going on so I don’t have the time to exercise or release my stress. These activities have been very helpful for me. These activities have helped me get rid of stress without causing panic attacks or building up. Exercise helps me to sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed and less tired.

The Impact These Activities Had on My Emotional & Social Well-Being

Exercise releases endorphins, which are hormones that make you happy. It has been proven. Even though I may feel tired after exercising, I still feel satisfied and find that exercise makes me feel more worthwhile. Exercise gives me a sense of purpose, and I feel more confident and able to achieve more socially and emotionally. The fitness program helped me realize the emotional strain I feel when I don’t exercise. I feel anxious and moody when I don’t have the time to exercise. I am glad that I now know what is best for me. To prove my determination and strengths to myself, and to increase my social and emotional confidence, I will continue to exercise regularly.

The Achievement of Self-Set Goals at Program’s Beginning

I set challenging goals at the beginning of the program. However, they were achievable. I completed my exercise program. I will continue to keep track of my exercises because it motivates me to see improvement in my body and mind. I would work out for over an hour and then switch to something that was less intense. This was so I wouldn’t get exhausted from my workouts. It seemed to have worked because I was able finish the program without getting tired.