My Personal Philosophy of Nursing: Essay Examples

Table of Contents

  1. There are many options for nursing
  2. The essence of nursing
  3. Values and beliefs
  4. Vision for the Future
  5. Conclusion

Nursing philosophy is about providing optimal and competent care to patients and their communities. These are the foundations of a successful nurse. Since I was a child, I have felt compelled to help others. This is what led me to nursing. Serving, educating, caring for others is what makes me happy. My nursing approach is based on compassion and service. This paper will present my philosophy of nursing. I will discuss the essence of nursing as well as my beliefs and values and my vision for the future.

There are many options for nursing

Because of my natural ability to care for others, I chose nursing as a career. My care for patients can be described as an emotional and physical engagement that delivers positive outcomes. It’s a profession that adapts to others’ needs by creating a therapeutic and high-quality relationship.

The many career options that nursing offers is the second reason I chose to pursue a nursing degree. There are many avenues that a nurse can pursue. I have the option to continue my work as a bedside nurse, providing direct care for patients, or seeking specific skills through certifications in areas of medicine. Further education is required to pursue advanced practice positions.

The essence of nursing

Nursing is all about compassionate care. This belief should be a part of all nursing, as it promotes healing and compassion for patients. The nurse who cares for patients shows compassion and a respectable, open relationship with them. Caring has a positive impact on patient care and builds trust. It also increases patients’ outlook for their recovery.

Jean Watson, an American theorist introduced The Theory of Human Caring. She outlines 10 carative factors (Chitty & Black, 2007), which promote holistic care. Watson saw caring as the core of nursing. Watson believes that the nurse’s role is to build a caring relationship between patients and nurses through communication and engagement. It fosters trust and a bond between nurse and patient.

Beliefs and Values

Patients come to the hospital looking for healing and recovery. Patients trusted the health professionals and placed their faith in them. It is important that nurses respect and value patients’ trust. Patients expect nurses to address their concerns and advocate for them when necessary.

Family members and close friends of patients are important in the care they provide for them during and after hospitalizations. They may be there to reinforce what was taught or to provide care at home. Family members are also valuable in helping to plan the treatment of patients. Family members can share information about the patient’s health that can be used by a health care provider to address their needs.

The hospital where I work believes that a positive outcome for patients is achieved when nurses collaborate to provide patient care. Every health care worker shares one goal: the well-being of the patient. My belief is that health care providers recognize the importance of nurses in their decisions. They communicate with nurses to get their feedback and inputs. There is no power struggle.

My overall health is good. I am not often ill, but I take the time to seek treatment. I ensure that I have a preventive wellness check-up every year. Overall, I am in control of my health. Every day, I try to make healthy choices. I believe in taking care for my body, mind, and soul. It is my duty to set an example for my patients as well as my family. As a nurse, it is my responsibility to be a role model for my patients.

Vision for the Future

I want to complete my BSN in two years and become a competent ICU nurse. I want to have enough knowledge and skills to be able to care for all my patients. I also hope to be able manage complex patients and take on new challenges. As well as taking care of patients using ECMO. Hopefully, to be competent enough for ECMO certification and CCRN certification.

In five years I would like to explore other areas of nursing. I would like to travel and do nursing in Texas, as well as explore other states. I would like to be married with a child so I can try some procedural areas and step away from ICU beds. Once I’ve completed my exploration, I plan to return to school to earn a master’s degree in nursing. I’m not sure if I want Acute Care or Family Practice.

I want to be able to complete my masters in ten years and work decent hours to support my family while still being present in their lives. I might consider sub-specializing in areas such as pediatrics or labor and delivery. It is possible to further my career by obtaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice or Doctor of Philosophy degree.


This paper has helped me to understand what nursing means to me and the principles that I believe are important for my clinical practice. This paper allowed me to reflect on my nursing philosophy, and to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I learned so much about myself and the nursing theories that I was imitating in my practice. There are many areas I need to improve on, and Henderson’s theory will help me to shape my nursing foundation. This paper has allowed me to continue to develop and shape my nursing philosophy, and it has also given me the opportunity to do so as I progress in my career. No matter how many changes occur, I will always live up to my core beliefs and values in all aspects of my life and work.