My Statement of Purpose for University of Adelaide

Table of Contents

    1. Family Status
    2. Academic Achievements
    3. Working Experience
    4. Why Australia
The People
The Educational System
Recreational Opportunities
  1. Why University of Adelaide
  2. Career Goals

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future depends upon what you do today.” I believe that, “From thousands species, Humankind” is the only species that can think about its future. Our purpose in life is to be good and worthwhile. We have been from darkness to light, illiteracy and literacy, now from Intelligence Quotient to Emotional Quotient. Humans are inclined to learn, observe and accomplish.

Kartikey Panthri is my name. I am originally from Uttarakhand, also known as “God’s own Country”, but was born and raised in New Delhi. I’m adaptable, hardworking, patient, and have good leadership qualities. These are my strengths. I’ve learned that it is easier to achieve long-term goals by breaking them down into smaller goals. My short-term goal, which I have set for myself, is to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to reach my long-term goal. To fulfill my dream, I chose to study overseas. I’m a very active person. My strength is my punctuality, ability to learn more, and that allows me to meet the challenges of the international world. The world is in a period of revolution and it is important to stay up-to-date with new technologies. I am able to grasp the technological aspects of any topic quickly, which makes it easy for me to work on technological spectrum.

My family is made up of five members: my father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, and me. My father is retired and my mother works as Assistant Commissioner of Police in Delhi Police. My parents, a middle-class family, have not restricted my ability to fly high. What I’m able to say is that I have all the qualities I need right now by watching my parents do their housework and how they interact with others in their day-to-day lives. My parents are my teachers in life, just like every child. They taught me how to live a life that is full of moral values, truthfulness, honesty, and loyalty.

Family Status

India has immovable property worth between 4-5 crore and 5.5 crore INR. As the sole child of my parents, I bear all responsibility. For my higher education, my parents have given me an educational loan. I will first work to earn money in Australia and then I would like to go back to India to start my own construction company.

Academics and Achievements

My educational background is that I completed my secondary education at St. Francis De Sales School in Janakpuri New Delhi with 8 CGPA, and my senior secondary education at St. Cecilia’s public high school with 79.6 % non-medical stream, both under C.B.S.E. board. After passing my 12th, I was able to enrol in the 4-year integrated program that ran from 2013-2017 for a Bachelor’s degree. Tech (Civil engineering), G.D. GoenkaUniversity Gurgaon, with 7.92 CGPA.

Being a sportsman, I played basketball and football for my school team. I was selected to the University swimming and football teams in college. I’m also a 10m air pistol shot. All this has taught me leadership, patience, team management, and hard work.

Working Experience

As part of my Under-Graduate program, I also completed 10 weeks of industrial exposure training in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., New Delhi.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree, my career began with Leighton India Contractors Pvt. As an Engineer (Civil), my role was to supervise the implementation of engineering controls onsite in order to meet the schedule and quality goals of the project. My site is AROHAN Residencies, Gurgaon (Haryana), which is a residential project of VIPUL.

Why Australia

I felt that the practical application and understanding of theoretical concepts was lacking in Indian classrooms, even though I completed my bachelor’s degree from an Indian education system. Professors often fail to make classes engaging. This can be made more interesting by using modern technology and adopting an interactive approach.

Australia is a country rich in culture and technology. It also offers a great environment for individual development in the academic field as well as interpersonal.

My family supported me in my decision to travel to Australia. The focus is on skill development and assignments. Part-time work is possible for international students to acquire skills. These are the reasons why I love Australia more than others:

The People

Australians are some of the most loving, welcoming, and caring people you will ever meet. A native Australian will treat anyone, even strangers, as if they were a friend. They are open to meeting new people and the culture is laid back and easy-going. You will find more diversity than you would in many European countries.

The Educational System

This is the main reason to visit Australia. The tuition fees are affordable and much lower than in many other countries. Apart from being internationally recognized, the degrees are practical and up-to-date. Students receive the high-quality, hands-on education they deserve. International students have access to the best support services in the world. They have extensive experience and expertise in helping international students succeed in their programs.

Recreational Opportunities

Adventure seekers have many options. There are so many opportunities in Australia for adventure seekers, whether you are looking to go hiking, mountaineering, or just plain sailing.

Why University of Adelaide

During my research, I attended several educational fairs where I was able to get counseling from experts in the field. I was well-informed and given information about the university and possible courses. After much research, I chose University of Adelaide. I am not sure if India offers such a great atmosphere for Master of Construction Management.

When searching for the right education provider for my course, I did extensive research and compared many universities in Sydney and Melbourne. I discovered that Swinburne and Deakin offer Master of Construction Management, which is what I was looking for. Because the university’s fees seemed affordable, I chose University of Adelaide.

Master of Construction Management is what I’ve decided to pursue. It is a two-year program that I must complete with 48 units. This specialization will give me an understanding of management theory, and allow me to apply it to real-world cases, practices, and environments. This course covers construction management techniques that can be applied in multi-cultural and international settings. This course will cover topics such as Business and contract law studies, Development and Construction, Cost planning, management, managing project and systemic risk, leadership of organisations, and other subjects. It will also prepare us for skills like teamwork, critical thinking, cultural intelligence, problem solving, and effective communication skills that will allow me to work in international industries.

The decision to study Master of Construction Management at the University of Adelaide was a good one. It will give me an emphasis on international entrepreneurial skills and team work skills for management. I will also be able to return to my country with relevant skills and knowledge that employers seek. There are many career options and I could be employed in engineering, construction, government or builder.

I am confident that the university will allow me to grow as a professional and achieve my goals. I believe I can meet your educational standards. I am hopeful that I will be considered for graduate studies.

Career Goals

I am completing my Master of Construction Management and I hope to be able to work as a Construction Manager in a construction firm or company. This will allow me to showcase my talents in both the design and management fields.

After completing my course, I would like to return home after 2 to 3 years. I believe that studying in Australia has given me an international perspective and I hope to be able expand the construction industry in India when I return home. India is a developing nation, and is expanding its construction sector.

Your University provides the necessary pre-requisites to help me achieve my life goals. This program will give me the opportunity to gain work experience and research training, which will allow me to jump start my career. I am confident that my experience will help me maximize the program and unlock my full potential. I am looking forward to contributing to your department. This brief summary should give you an idea of my skills, interests and experience. I’m confident that my talents will be best utilized if I have the chance to be part in that intellectually stimulating environment.