My Teaching Philosophy: Essay on My Philosophy of Education

What is teaching philosophy? This theme is essential as teachers have a great role to play in the education of the next generation. Teachers must be efficient and competent in their work to ensure that students succeed. Different teachers have different teaching styles. I voted for the Romanticism philosophy when I took the Philosophy for Education exam. My belief is that learning should be centered on students. Every day should be filled with positive learning experiences for students. Students should love learning and have a passion for their teacher. Education is meant to help students develop their mind and other aspects. To be successful, they should be taught good morals. I am also a fan of the Essentialism philosophy of education. Students must be able to comprehend important content. Teachers should use proven teaching strategies. Parts of progressivism are also valuable to me. Experience and the ability to learn from one another is essential. Constructivism in the classroom is also important to me. Teachers should not just expect students to have all the information they need; teachers must create learning environments for students to learn their own knowledge.

From my own experiences, I believe the beliefs I hold. I loved my teachers in school and learned so much from them. Learning is easier when you are engaged in learning and have a positive learning environment. My senior year in high school, I had the amazing opportunity to work as a kindergarten teacher intern. Her classroom was a great example of the teaching philosophy I use. She was a highly efficient teacher and ensured that students learned a lot. She was loved by the children and they were eager to go every day.

I will put my beliefs into action by building a positive relationship and trust with my students. My classroom will be a learning environment that is positive and meets the needs of all my students. My students will be taught to have good morals as well as to be good learners. Effective teaching methods will be used to ensure that my students learn what they need. To help students understand the importance and benefits of teamwork, I will sometimes have them work together in small groups. They will be able to discover the answers on their own. My students will be able to discover their own knowledge, not only what I have taught them. These are the essential elements that make teachers and students succeed.

This essay summarizes my philosophy on education as a teacher. As you can see, my teaching philosophy is based on personal beliefs and experiences.