Reinventing Something

Reinventing Something This book is about Reinventing Something as you understand from its caption. I could not surprize much when I finished to read this very popular book because ; 1 The cases included in book to support theory were chosen selectively. I can show a lot of examples in contrary to the framework proposed in Osbornes book but none of negative examples were included. The book is very one-handed and does not project the facts correctly. 2 A distinction were not made in this book between public and private sector organizations and behaved as if both of them have the same principles and context. The relation of Public Management with democratic principles were ignored.

Basically, this book is a public version of the book of Peters and Waterman – In Search of Excellence -. 3 The principles propesed in this book are accepted universal and thought as time and location-free. Cultural differences among countries were underestimated. Generalizations pervades the book. 4 This book is not based on a decent scientific research and so does not have an academic-quality.

Overall, if you want to read this book because of its popularity, you should read it with other strong resources in the field of public administration and management. Some reference materials are indicated below.. Mark Moore, Creating Public Value ; Norman Flynn, Public Sector Management ; Guy Peters, The Future of Governing Mythology.