Student Company

Student Company Ben Broderson December 18, 2000 Student Company Paper Our student company, Wahawk Shop, had many strengths and weaknesses. I believe our biggest strength is our creativity. We had come up with a large amount of possible product ideas. We also had very creative advertising, both in posters and video. Another strength our company had was our product.

We finally decided on can koozies and a deck of playing cards, screen-printed with the West High school logo. I think we had a good, original product at a fair price. Our company also had many weaknesses. Our biggest weakness was our lack of organization. Many people were hazy about exactly what was going on. I also think that business time was not always used to its full advantage.

We spent almost two whole days, drawing possible logos on the black board, and then trying to vote for one. It was an important decision, but I felt the whole class did not need to spend that much time on it. I believe the company was about two things. First, its obviously designed to demonstrate the many steps involved in running a small business, from start to finish. It also serves a broader purpose of learning to work with others.

In this company you need to trust others with responsibility. One person cannot do all the work. You need to learn how to communicate well with the others. Leadership is a necessity in this company, both with officers and the workers. A good president is needed to keep everyone together and working smoothly. The workers also need to be active too. The company can?t get anywhere when everyone just sits around waiting to be told what to do by an officer.

I believe our officers did an okay job, but there is definitely room for improvement. Our president Adam Watters did an excellent job of making sure everything gets done, but I think he could have worked on keeping all of the employees involved. Friday meetings lacked organization, and time management. Only a few meetings were officially called properly. They felt very unorganized, with minimal involvement of employees.

Time also could have been spent in more efficient ways. Marketing has done a great job, but they probably could have started sooner. I believe the company will be a success. If we sell our entire product, with no mistakes financing wise, we will pull a good profit. If we could do it again though, we should try to get our product decided, designed, and ordered sooner.

We wasted a little too much company time in the beginning. I am extremely glad I took this class. Its gives you a hands on feel of the process involved in the business world. I learned its a lot harder than it looks. Budgeting money is a very important part, along with record keeping.

It?s difficult to get a large group of people to work together smoothly and efficiently. Cooperation and compromising are essential. Everyone has there own favorite ideas but usually there has to be one final decision made, which can be difficult, but you need to learn to try new things and think different ways. I believe that I am much wiser than I was in the business world now.