The Importance of The Internet in The World

Internet has opened up a whole new world that offers any type of information with just a click on your computer. It is hard to believe that internet was not available in the past 20 years. The age of instant information has propelled the world to the internet. The internet is what I rely on to be creative in all areas of my life. It’s cheap, quick and easy to connect people all around the globe. People from faraway places can now communicate via email, social networking and video conferencing. They can even attend job interviews.

When used properly, the internet is definitely a blessing. The internet plays a significant role in providing unlimited information and knowledge on any topic through search engines such as YouTube and Google Chrome. The internet has a huge benefit for students. It gives them an understanding of their subject matter and helps them excel academically. The internet also helps with safety and location tracking using GPS technology. The internet can also be used to advertise and sell products and services online. It has provided income and employment for those who live at home and those who travel from far away. Internet saves us time by allowing us to pay our bills online and not wait in long lines. We can also use email chats and video calls to communicate with anyone around the globe, unlike the past, where we had to wait for letters to arrive. You can also watch videos, listen to music, and play online games. Online shopping has also become very popular thanks to the internet. The internet has made us more independent. We can book our hotel and travel tickets online, which is cheaper than hiring an agent.

Education has also seen a significant change. I can’t count how many times I use Google search to find information, particularly in relation to academic work. I would rather spend my time searching books online than sit down and do research online. To make learning simple for students, the university and library offer eBooks and a virtual learning website. They also have course details, module information, weekly lecture slides, and a discussion forum. It is easy to plan and book my trip online as an avid traveler.

It has made a significant change in the hospital and healthcare industry. Patients with ongoing health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be monitored remotely and their appointments will be notified immediately. Internet has revolutionized transportation. Autonomous cars are safer and more stress-free. No printed maps or navigation apps are required to navigate you to any part of the globe. Internet is a key component of cyber-crime and terrorism. It allows us to communicate with each other without being detected using encryption technology.

Around 4 million people use the internet, which means that half of the world’s population rely on it. Internet is an expression of creativity and innovation that allows people to enhance their quality of life. The internet has transformed life from a slow-moving track to faster communication and quicker results. The internet is causing changes in society both economically and politically, which can lead to new relationships. People are not dependent on internet technology, but they actively shape its use and influence (Fischer 1992; Hughes & Hans 2001).