The Pursuit of My Dream Job: an Accountant

Aubrey McClendon is an American businessman who was also the chief of American Energy Partners. He once stated that he wanted to be a businessman. However, he felt that the best way to understand the business world was to become an accountant. The job of accountant is one I want to do in the future. Some people might think that an accountant is a job that keeps money flowing. An accountant is an occupation that requires a deep understanding of business and more skills than most people think. A successful accountant must be knowledgeable about the qualifications required, the pros and disadvantages, career satisfaction, as well as the impact on society.

Knowing the requirements is a crucial step in achieving your dream job as an accountant. No matter what career you’re interested in, it is important to understand the job requirements and if you can do the job. Anyone who is interested in becoming an accountant must meet two main requirements. First, honesty and loyalty are essential. Although the word honesty may seem easy, being honest can be difficult. Google scholar has a quote that provides statistics on college cheating. The article “Do Accounting Students Cheat?” is available at google scholar. The article “Do Accounting Students Cheat?” is available at: A study on undergraduate accounting students’ honesty and perceptions of dishonesty showed that the results supported the first hypothesis that accounting students (54%) are more likely to cheat than other business majors (52% reported having cheated in college). Accounting educators may find this disappointing as it seems logical that students who cheat in college are more likely to commit dishonest behavior in their professional lives. An accountant’s job demands honesty about their work. This is a view I disagree with. Cheating is a bad behavior that should not be tolerated, but it doesn’t mean that someone would not make changes. People made mistakes. Making mistakes makes people stronger. Honesty is the best principle. They must be professional and reasonable in their own words as an accountant. A license in accounting is a second requirement to be professional. Anyone who wishes to become an accountant should prepare for a CPA license. Tapis stated that professional exams can be a confusing mix of topics and lack depth. The CPA exam, on the other hand, focuses on a wide range of topics and is thorough in its depth. Candidates must be able to remember and comprehend a lot of material. A CPA license is focused on depth and the multitude of topics. My experience was that I prepared a license similar to the Taiwanese CPA. Preparing the license took me around one year. Even though I didn’t pass, it was worth the effort and time. CPA licenses are something that should be recognized for outstanding efforts. Demonstrating your skills is one of the best ways to impress someone. CPA licenses are more attractive to accounting firms and businesses.

The pros and cons of the dream job as an accountant are another thing to consider. Accounting jobs have many benefits. An accountant’s greatest advantage is their inability to be replaced. The author of Career as a Certified Public Accountant – CPA: Crunching Numbers and Advising Businesses on How to Manage their Financial Affairs outlined the greatest benefit to this job: “As long there are other businesses, you will have the opportunity to practice what you love.” A professional, trained accountant can help businesspeople keep their books in order, give advice, and keep their business profitable. An accountant is essential for every business. The accountant is an important job, even though artificial intelligence has replaced many of the jobs. An accountant’s greatest advantage is their ability to make decisions. Although decision making may be similar, no one person has the same way of solving problems or writing their financial statements.

However, there are also some disadvantages to this job. Overworking is something that many people are not willing to accept. The author of Accountants with Attitude: A Career Study of Women and Men in the Profession pointed out that most respondents have contractual work hours between 35-38 hours per week. However, 20 percent and 10% of women report having contractual working hours of more than 38 hours per week. The survey revealed that at least 30% of accountants work over 38 hours per week. Nearly all accountants will need to work overtime, especially during tax season May/ June. Accounting firms’ accountants must help clients file their internal revenue taxes. For accountants who work in companies, taxes must be filed every two months. Overtime is for those who are willing to sacrifice time with family and friends. My personal opinion is that overtime work is not always bad. Respect for my work is a result of this. It may seem like I am losing some time with people I care about, but it doesn’t mean that I will lose everything. You will feel motivated and not bored if you do what interests you.

Knowing the requirements for the job and their pros and cons is important. It’s also crucial to know the career satisfaction associated with an accountant job. The job satisfaction factor includes benefits and wages. Everyone would be interested in the wage. An accountant’s job requires gender equality at work. Because all genders have equal pay, you shouldn’t worry about getting a different wage. The wage is dependent on your skills. According to the article How Much Can an Accountant Expert Get Paid?, the median salary for accountants was $69,350 in 2017. The highest-paid 25 per cent earned $91,770, while the lowest 25 percent earned $54,250. From my perspective, the salary of an accountant seems reasonable. The more you give, the better you will get. If I didn’t have the experience I need, I would compensate with perseverance and hardwork to get what I want. According to their research, Career As a Certified Public Accounting : CPA: Crunching The Numbers and Advising Businesses on How To Manage Your Financial Affairs reveals that 82% of people agree or strongly that they find their job enjoyable. 76% of women agree or strongly and 69% of men agree. More than half the responses to the survey were positive. The working environment, the benefits and other aspects of job satisfaction are all important. Positive job satisfaction is crucial in every job. My own experience was that I worked as an intern in the company’s accounting department. I was satisfied with my job. Because I had no experience, it was difficult when I first started. My colleagues were very helpful. I was able to inspect and learn from them. Although it was difficult, I enjoyed the experience and felt a sense of satisfaction.

A successful accountant can also make a contribution to the society. There are many ways you can contribute to the society. You can make a direct or indirect contribution. Accounting is an example of an indirect contribution to society. One example is helping people organize. The article The Accountant Who Changed The World explains that before double-entry accounting, people kept diaries and counted their cash at the end. Merchants could see every aspect of their business in neat little columns thanks to this innovation (Kestenbaum). Merchants from Venice in the 1400s started this whole system. They used Arabic numerals for recording and created double-entry bookkeeping. The system was a great help to society, I believe. Double-entry is still used in most businesses today because it is accurate. Many accountants can help with taxes, as well as teach basic tax knowledge. They would do their best to assist those in need, even though they could not directly help.

It is important to understand the requirements, the benefits and disadvantages, satisfaction, as well as your contribution. After knowing these essential elements, people can determine if the job is right for them. I want to become an accountant. Since I began learning accounting, I didn’t know that I would be interested. Accounting was my passion and I set a goal to get the job of my dreams. I plan to transfer to an accounting university and dedicate my time to studying for my CPA license over the next five-years. I will also take advantage of every opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn more. My dream job is possible, I am certain.