The Role of Learning in My Life

The decisions made in life are influenced by one’s personality. The journey of life is full of obstacles, motivations, complexities, and excitement. Your personal view of life will determine how you chart your compass.

All Age School was where I found my passion for education. I loved how beautiful I could write on the chalkboard. It was surprisingly better than my teacher. Mrs. Ludford, my teacher at the time, would ask me to write daily on the chalkboard. But, she called other teachers to examine my handwriting on chalkboard by the time that I began writing. They would encourage me to be a great teacher and would visit.

My passion for teaching grew from the moment I was in high school. My teachers were smart and could do anything I asked. They were passionate and enthusiastic teachers that inspired you to pursue this noble profession. My English Language teacher was Mr. A. P. Simpson. He never carried a book, but I remember that he would require you to write at most four (4) pages of information. My thoughts about becoming a pediatrician began to linger, and I found my passion in teaching.

Certain, I felt that I was in a position where I could be better than my teachers at imparting knowledge to the students I came in contact with. Today, I am a teacher with a passion for teaching and changing lives. I’ve lived my life and learned how to inspire, motivate, educate, and make a difference in the lives of those I meet.

Understanding one’s strengths can help you make the right career decision and other important decisions. I consider myself self-motivated and determined. I am determined to be a master teacher and achieve professional success. I was raised by parents who never completed primary education. This gives me the motivation to go further in my life. I will be able to help my parents with this motivation.

My professional and personal lives are organized. If I am asked to locate a book or socks, you can be certain that I will be able to answer the question. My principal and my colleagues always give me positive feedback about my organization skills. I’m reliable, trustworthy, responsible, and a great confidant. Jamaicans say that they are fashionable late. I prefer to be fashionable early. I can remember only having one late school report throughout high school. This same spirit is evident in every aspect of my life, but especially in my work/profession. People who live near Arthurs Seat ask me “if the rain is falling on my bed”. This is because I usually get to work much earlier than they do, and I often travel from Spanish Town. My dependability and maturity have led to me being given more responsibility as I age. My students have the chance to make real-life connections between subjects and teaching materials.

My greatest weakness is my shyness. However, I am trying to overcome it by taking on more public speaking roles. Acting as the senior teacher at work, I’m often called upon to give oral presentations. The masters program has been a great help in this regard, as group work is essential and presentations are an expected part of the job. My weakness is my tendency to be aggressive with people. To counteract this aggression, I use my strengths of a lovely smile and a pleasant demeanor. Another weakness in my professional development is the lack of high-end technology at work. I believe this would enhance my lessons. I am currently making inquiries to see if any residents in the school community would be interested in having internet. This is done to try to get as many people on board, so that the telecommunication provider can grant my request for internet in Arthurs Seat.

My favorite theory is the Personal Construct Theory Of Personality by George Kelly (1950s). Constructs have an intrinsic personal basis and are based on the individual’s life experience. Every person has a unique system of construction. It is the individual’s experience that creates differences. My personality and past experiences influence my views, traditions, and decisions. This allows me to make either positive or negative judgments about the world around me.

My personality helped me become who I am today. This theory helped me realize that the values and attitudes you have will make or break your character. Your character is built by your environment and nature. Your environment is what makes you unique. Recurrences are an important part of personal construct theory. This allows me to make decisions that will allow me to improve my moral beliefs and values. The constructs have been created because they allow me reflect on my experiences with recurrences. Because constructs enable one to organize in a hierarchical manner, this theory has certainly helped me become the organized person that I am today.

Today, you can recognize me as an individual. I make my own choices, and I have the freedom to set my own course. I am unique, I am me. There is no one else I would rather be than myself. Personality theory supports the view that human nature is in every sense. It is the unique personality of each person within a group that makes our society special. Every person has different perspectives and views that give the world the twist and turn it needs.

Since I was a young child, I saw the difficulties faced by my parents. I wanted to create a better future for my family and myself. My God-given talents, which are innate abilities that have made me who and what I am today, has changed my life forever. Because of this, I believe that every event I have ever experienced can be predicted. This enabled me to create and interpret new events. As a scientist, you look at your hypothesis and then assume the outcomes. These insights have helped me make decisions that have been beneficial to me academically, physically, and emotionally.

Learning is an ongoing experience that I share with others. Teaching requires me to be reflective in my teaching and learning. I will continue to strive to learn more and keep up with the 21st century learners. Pritchard’s definition of learning is “a change in behavior as the result of experience or practise”. This is something I can relate too. While I’m currently reading for my masters in psychology, I am learning how to adapt and change to meet my students’ needs as I grow professionally. I’m becoming more focused as I conduct research and study many different topics. This is happening both in and out of my classroom. Learning is not limited to an educational system. Learning starts long before school begins; it continues even after school; and it happens quickly, in parallel with school in many different settings and ways. This statement is true for me as I’m learning as I finish this assignment.

Each person learns something at their own pace. Learning should bring about change in our lives, both in our professional and personal lives. I will continue to spread the flame of knowledge, not only for school but for my entire life.