The first semester from AE ended like a lamplighter Essay Example

The first semester from AE ended like a lamplighter. I had twenty-three seminars. On my subject our tutor was telling us about course works which was going to conduct at the beginning of December. Each seminar included topics about type of essays and how to describe problems and cause-and-effect using academic language. During the course I learned to differentiate type of essay structure, gave us much knowledgeable and interesting information about topics. Most of the things we have learned from the first semester. I was able to see improvement in change from the beginning of the semester. One of the skills I have been improved by the seminars is working in a group. In reality I have never worked in a group since school years. On the other hand, I understood that group work increases productivity and performance. For me it was very interesting to hear different kind of ideas and share a wealth of knowledge. Furthermore, group work helped me to deeply understand the purpose of the subject. Also, I experienced how to withstand with some difficulties in teamwork and how to define any kind of arguments or problems. The prime difficulty which I faced was debate but I already know myself to be a person who feels unconfident and embraced in front of public. However, I understand that debate is a great activity that brings reading speaking and thinking together. Later, at the end of debate, our teacher gave me feedback and recount some helpful tips such as, that I should create a plan of speech, make notes for myself about the topic, general and specific purposes of the topic, one of the main things is I should grab audience’s attention in the first thirty seconds.I learnt many things about myself. It gives me chance to recognize my good sides and weaknesses. I learned how to manage our studies and be responsible. Also, I understood that all questions which related to the course works had to be asked during in class or office hours and give it for feedback earlier. I am really happy that it just starts. I hope that next semester everything will be different. Honestly, I would have studied this semester again.