Language is the main thing in life through which we can communicate with others Essay Example

Language is the main thing in life through which we can communicate with others. In my personal opinion, language is the acquisition, not taught because when a child is born he may know and hear all that happened when he was in the mother’s belly such as the different sounds so the first time the child is born we only see him look at us and cry and then smile, This happens as a pattern and then continues with the early years so they acquire language in stages and at the same time notice everything that happens. It looks at the envelopes of our characters, our movements and our voices. They acquire the language quickly and easily. This happens spontaneously because it is not presumed to teach.

They see his parents talking to them. This is a very active role. Noticed that children who are never spoken to do not learn the language. For example, My cousin cannot speak is right and do not give words because no one communicates with him and after a time that he noticed that his family they communicate with him and introduce him nursery for that child need to communicate to know his first language and over time the child begins to play and move and I think that play is essential in the development of the language so when they communicate with the mother And father and play with him starts the child to speak very simple words such as Baba speak B, Ba, Baa and then Baba and we understand the word but we try to fix it wrong so it only acquires language and does not learn when he enters the age of four years and start to go to kindergarten begin to learn his first language by listening to children Teachers and practitioners he plays with them, he starts talking and communicating with them and then when he goes to school he begins to learn his first language with a focus on grammar.

He understands his first language well and over time begins to learn his language and the second language in schools at first feels like something strange but gradually learns it gradually And understood through the teacher and activities and some of them see in schools that their first language English because it was the first to be heard and communicate with their parents in this language.